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Re: homemade outboard

That thing inside, If I am not mistaken, is round chunk of kinda hard rubber. ( at least on the props I have seen ) as far as I understand, it helps absorb shock and allows for it to wobble minutely without comming all apart or vibrating. I believe it is called a bushing. Yes, the shear pin or post behind the prop and the coter poin hole in front both need to be drilled through the shaft. In the back you need a strong Pin, this is what will have to stand up to you torking down the shaft nut
About your grinding to size. I would determin the size bolt that fits through the hole of the prop, then drill your guide to that size. I would make a note of how snugly the bolt fits in the hole, and keep that in mind when checking the shaft. Personaly, I would want the shaft fitting in the guide hole just a smigeon snugger then the bolt does, seams to work for me when I use the dye.

good luck with your grinding.

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