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Re: homemade outboard

That sucks about the drill bit, Sounds to me like it lost its Temper from heating up, Once the temper is gone, its toast. I have had some luck retempering a drill bit before, bit they are never the same. sounds like you should have used 1 more midsized bit before going with you final size. That really sucks about your drill. Hope it was a craftsman, gotto love there waranty.

On to belt mesurement. I am pretty sure you need the Oval distance of the belt. I would find this by using a thin rope, wrap it around the pullys like the belt would be then mesure the lenght of rope. I am not certain of this, But In any event, Bringing a piece of strin X inches long to the autostore,You will come home withthe closest match possible.

Thats cool you got a free left hand prop. Props can be expensive, I need one for my old 6hp and just cant bring myself to blow 90 bucks on it. Once I get my new 15 hp, Im gonna put the prop for the 6 in the vice and see if I can bend it back into shape some, I know this is a risky thing to do to a aluminum prop, But I will not pay that for a prop. It will most likely crack or break when I do.. However Now, it wont matter as much if I do kill it. Maybe I can get it welded if it does break or crack, ow well, thats another story.

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