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Re: homemade outboard

Your new part looks great. I was hopeing you would do something about the tilt issue. It would really suck after all your hard work to have soemthing happen.. Just think, according to Murphys Law, Now that we have prepared for hitting a submerged obstical, You will never hit one.

I cant really help you much with how to make the motorcycle run, I can adapt it to just about anything you want, But if it stops running or has a problems, I am not your man. I know my limitations hehehe.However, Tailgunner seams fairly knowlegeable, he might have a answere for you if you drop him a email or perhaps if he reads the problem here.

You will have to pardon me a bit here wile I chuckle just a little bit at you for being willing to go out in a boat with a Home made prototype motor, but would not be willing to knock a boat together and trust it hehehe.. You should see some of the stuff my friends and I knocked together and took out in the chesapeak Bay down In Maryland, where I grew up. Ow I wish I had pictures of some of it. OK, Now,, lets see here.. a seized outboard you say.. I am by no means a outboard mechanic, its too bad you wasted 60 bucks, However you might be able to strip it for parts. How sure are you the lower end is siezed and not the motor? I have been checking out some of these electric boats. allot of them seam to have basicaly shoved a electric motor into a regulare lower end in place of the gas motor.

I was thinking about the 250 and got the funniest visual,, You know those water pedle trike things they have? wouldnt that be a bitching ride built around a motorcycle. Probably not the most efective way to use the power, but it would certainaly be a eye catcher. Anyhow..

It looks like you are just about ready to address the housing issue for the lower unit. There are many diferent ways you could go about this. The diferences mainly in the type of joints you are gonna use. I would suggest using mitered edges for most of it. I was also thinking that a triangulare shape to the horizontal lower part would probably be the most efficient. The vertical shaft really dosent matter if its square or triangulare, so for ease of construction, I would probably go square. Hmmm.,, Here is a thought. You might be able to use the PVC for the vertical part. Its really the horizontal part that you will need a access pannle for so, that is really the only part requireing a custom build..It would save allot of fiberglasing..and a good deal of weight too. Huh,, I like that Idea. I think that is the way I would go. Ill drop you a email with a quick pic of how I would go for it. You will most likely have seen the pic before you read this anyway


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