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Re: homemade outboard

I have 3 5/8" rods (shafts) to work with so I will have some room for error with trying to reduce the diameter. Lets say the prop hole is 1/2", do I grind the shaft down to 1/2" then thread it or do I grind it down to a bit above 1/2" then thread. Also, the cotter pins that you mentioned, do these cotter pins go thru the shaft so I will have to drill through it? Lastly, what is that thing that is inside the prop, I can take it out, it looks like it might spin inside of the prop, cant think of what purpose it serves.
Not sure how I will attach the housing. I am hoping bolt middle vertical pipe that goes down to the T directly to the metal inside pipe. Then thread the T to that pipe, once threaded in place it might be stiff enough to hold the lowerend in place without having to anchor it. I will have to assemble the outbourd and look at this to see if it will fit together nicely. If the ABS pipe runs along the upper galvanized pipe, its will would lie flush if it were not for the reducer halfway down. I am thinking that I might use washers at the connection points to make up the the small gap that the reducer creates. I dont know if this arrangement is going to fit or work, just kind of doing it by the seat of pants. I have not been able to get any work done on the project lately and it will probably be a day or two before I can work on it again. I really look forward to the "garbage can" water test to see what happens.

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