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Re: homemade outboard

Yes, I have done the shaft reduction in a similure manor. I have used both a file, and a hand power grinder, as well as once with some wet sandpaper when I got down to the end when I just needed a little more.. Getting it to the exact diameter might be a touch tricky but not impossible. DOnt overgrind, remember you need to leave materiel for the threads to be cut into. I would use some scrap wood with a hole in it the size it needs to be and use that for a guide.

Looking at your latest pictures, My only real concern is the shell moving and binding your shaft. Getting all that mounted together solid might be a bit tricky. Im not sure I have any valid sugestions for that. perhaps you can utilize a couple of hose clamps passed through slots on the horizontal pipe obove the waterline to secure it, A bolt or 2 like in my pictured wooden design would also work, But I think you really, ( and I mean really really ) need a secure mount on the botom. I supose the stuffing box is a anchor point, However something is naggin at me saying ya need a bit more. Maybe not,, Like I said,, I usualy design things much stronger then they really need to be.. Probably becuse I am rather hard equipment sometimes hehehe.

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