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Re: homemade outboard

I have to apoligize for the very slow progress of this project. I have had my taxes to do plus the war on CNN plus my lack of know how which have resulted in delays hehe. I have learned a huge amount doing this project though, a little bit about everything,much thanks to your input, if I did it again it would not take nearly as long. Regarding the bearing bolts, I have a bag of nuts and washers to use up so it should be no trouble to use many to hold it in place. I bought some neoprene washers to use to waterproof it, not sure that they will work-I can always caulk it or something. The problem is that the existing 1/4" bolts are too short and the only longer ones I can find are like 5 inches long (I want them threaded from top to bottem-Ihave to keep the 1/2" motor mount bolts because I cant find anything slightly smaller threaded all the way up). I will cut them down with the grinder/saw but I worry that I will be unable to thread a nut on it afterwards. All I was able to do tonight was drill a couple of holes thru the abs to the bearing plates then it occured to me that I will be placing a flat nut head and washer on a round curve, wont be pretty looking. I will be trying to grind the shaft down with a file first but what did you mean about boring out the shaft and and the tape out in your last post? No updated photos, hopefully will get something done tomarrow.

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