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Re: homemade outboard

I have reset the timing (points ignition) twice on that 250, each time it started better but still hard when cold. I wonder if I should advance (or retard?) the timing past the setting that the manual recomends because it was made in 74' and perhaps they were used to lower octane fuel then. I put 92 octane in the bike. It will start eventually if I kick at it for 10 minutes or push it for 100 yards..because that is too much work I have my wife pull me started with the car. Once its warmed up it starts up after a few kicks for the rest of the day.
I was thiking about your tilt idea and decided that its pretty important to have. I cut off the pipe on the c-clamp assembly, welded on a big door clamp, a new pipe, and extended the back plate down then braced it with two small pieces of L shaped steel. It seems to work pretty good, I will find out when I reassemble the outboard. I am also getting rid of the 1/2" bolts that support the motor mount. They barely fit thru the holes the 1/2" drill made therefore they bind up bad when I try to disassemble the outboard. going to go with something a bit smaller. I am going to pass on the hieght adjustment for now. You are right in that I just want to get a working machine asap-I will worry about performance issues later. I measured the distance between the clamps and the prop of a 1961 johnson 21 hp seized up outboard that I have to determine the distance I would use. I dont remember what that number was, I keep losing my tape measure but as soon as I find it I will find out how many inches it is. By the way I bought the 21 hp on ebay for $60. I hoped to rebuild it until I found out that you need 3 college degrees and a doctorate to fix the dang thing so I dropped that project. I suspect that its only the lower end that is seized but am not sure. I really dont like the rubber raft idea either, its small, uncomfortable-I would prefere a small jon boat or skiff with comfortable chairs you can lean back in for a harbor cruise. I may be able to rent one but havent found out the details on that yet. Btw I would never ride in a boat that I built, just would make me really uncomfortable hehe. Plus there is alot of know-how there and I am mostly interested in mechanical things. Not a bad idea about using the 250 as an inboard, lots of potential especially with that built in transmission. I think it has like 20-30 hp so that should make things interesting out on the water. Updated photos below.

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