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Re: homemade outboard

Yes, I ment starting fluid. a very bad thing to do to such a small motor, but I was thinking it was a lost cause anyway when I did it. In generaly its a poore thing to do to any motor, but sometimes you have too.. when you tried it on you motorcycle, did you get it into the carb or just spray the air breather? it has been my experience it needs to be prayed directly into the carbs, wile the throtle is in the full open position, then attempt starting in the full throtle position like it was flooded. Have you tried to push start it or does it literaly require the force of the car pulling it to get it to turn over?. I have never had a bike I could not push start myself with a little running start.

About my boat, the 6.5 does not get the boat on plane It might if the prop was in good shape. the total weight of my boat is 6 too 900 pounds with gear, depending if Im alone or not. To be honest, I dont notice much difference when I am alone or when the boat is full as far as speed or handling. this motor seems to move the boat about twice as fast as my 40 pound thrust electric does.

Your movie runs fine, It looks like this prodject is comming together well. from the video it looks like minimal if any vibration.
I was not sugesting you expose the lower unit to full submersion, I just wanted to know how much affect water would have at such low power,, In a car, a little water will make a belt squeel to all hell and back, well, at least in most cases. About how much torque you were applying.. my good hand is capable of producing 48 pounds of crushing force the weaker one ( weaker from a injurey and surgery on my tendon) is only capable of creating 23 pounds, and I am by no means a mucle Dude., SO I would figure 2 hands on the average adult male should be able to produce around 100 pounds of resistance or so, provoded your gloves have reasonable traction on the shaft. Mind you this is from the book of estimating and guessing. ( A book I live by allot ) I would say if you earnistly tried to stop the shaft and failed without the belt slipping, You are in good shape.

I wish I would have forseen the tilt thing earlier too but I wasnt looking at it from that perspective. I bet if we had been discusing this in real time. I would have came up with it sooner, the one drawback to typed communication once a day.. I dont think it will rip the transom off, if anything, I think a weld will give way or perhaps mangle the shape of the lower end if you hit anything. It isnt like you will be doing 40 mph, probably more like 5 mph, depending on what type of boat this gets put on. Here is a thought for you.. Matching a boat to a motor is kinda important. the prop must be at the right depth below the boat. You might need to manufacture some form of adjustable hight bracket deal. something that mounts to the transom like a reciver. the tilt could be designed into this part as well as a way to lower or raise it some in order to occomidate different boats without having to redo what you have. weather it tilts or not, Hight is Very important to preformance. My transom is 15 inches, and requires a short shaft motor. having no boat, you really cant build it custom for your boat, so some adjustability might be a good thing. What is the distance from the C-Clamp bracket to the prop shaft? Looks to me to be about 22 inches or so, For my boat, that would be about 7 inches too deep, Mind you thats just my boat and I am estimating distance from your pictures. But this is kinda a important issue to get max forward power out of your 2 horses. Again, Not a manditory issue, It will function at any depth to some degree. I am sure right now, You just want to see it work, but once you are moving accrost the bay at a womping 2 mph you will definitly start to look for ways to maximize forward velocitey.
I somehow dont see that motor on the back of a rubber raft, for well under 800 bucks you can build yourself a boat. SO far the mini speedboat im designing looks like it will cost under 100 in lumber and fiberglass.From some of the plans I have looked at for wooden 14 foot boats only run about 250 300 in materiels. Mind you these are primarily plywood based reinforced with fiberglass.

thinking about your next prodject already huh? lets take that 250 motorcycle and make a inboard out of it, ( after ya get it starting corectly ) I bet that moter would plane whatever you put it on hehehe. I have been toying with a few other drive mechinisms in my head, Right now, waterjet drive has the most appeal to me. but they also have some sucky problems.

well, guess thats about all for now, type at you tommorrow

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