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Re: homemade outboard

$400 is an excellent deal for that boat, I cant find anything even close to that price range out here. I am thinking about a rubber raft though, cant see any way around it I have to use my existing utility trailer and I have to store it in my garage with the trailer and two motorcycles. The decent rubber's out here start at $800..nuts. When you said you used ether to start it up, do you mean starting fluid? I have tried starting fluid in my 1974 mt250 motorcycle but it does no good, it only starts when pull started behind a car. I would love to find something that works so that I dont have to go thru that trouble. Was your 6.5 able to plane your boat? At some point in the distant future and if this thing works I may want build something (not belt driven-gears) with a bigger motor, enough to reach plane.
I did the string thing like you said, turns out it takes a 70" 4L belt. Finished bolting the motor on and put the belt on. I was so excited to start it up and see what happened. I had my wife (who already thinks I have lost my mind for doing this project) make a movie with our new camera. It started right up attached to the belt and pulley's (no prop). No serious vibration problems, the c-clamp handles rattle a bit but I can fix that with a bit of electrical tape. Other than that it was pretty smooth.
I did not think about the motor tilt problem. After reading your post I thought I would just risk it but there could come times when it will bottom out and cause problems-I am going to think about that one-I wish you had broght it up before I made the part! hehe I might just do it again and do it right, worst case if I hit something hard enough it will rip the back of the boat off.
I wetted the belt and tried to carefully grab onto the shaft, it did not slip. But I do not know how much torque I was applying. The bearings I have are not watertight or rated so they have to be eclosed anyway-maybe I could just enclose them. Regarding the stuffing box, I was hoping that the hose would be able to prevent twist, is that what you meant by the support structure? The movie is at the link below, since I do not post movies often I am not sure if will work properly, also you will have to watch it with your head tilted 90 degrees hehe.

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