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Re: A few more pix

Yes, That is a very atractive place to go boating, It is around 4 sq miles of lake, and is our public water supply. You cant go swimming or even touch the water, but They will let you drop a outboard in it and runn around dawn til dusk, Go figure.

My trailor lights are submercable, However, 1 is cracked and has been siliconed. I did leave the holes in the bottom there for drainage, The laws of pysics keep them dry. BUT, I do disconect them from the truck prior to launching anyway.

Yours is now the third motor I have ran accrost that does not spray water out the tattle tale when on muffs. I think this is also pysics demonstraighting the path of least resistance. I bet if you restricted water at the lower return port, It would make the tattle tale.
In any event, keep an eye on it, especialy if your impellor is old. Cant change it on the water if it dies so preventitive maintence is the way to go.

Right now, the weed eater is on the shelf awaiting my attention. It has only been ran to verify it works before putting it away. My plate is kinda full with yard work and other spring chores right now. Personly, I am leaning tward the generater prodject, I already have 2 outboards. Being able to make power wile at remote locations is something I could definitly make use of wile camping remote. However, It still might become a outboard for my friends raft. Time will tell,, If I find another weed eater, Ill make both, generater for me, Motor for him. If it does become a motor, there will be almost nothing to it. sharten the shaft, rebend it a little and make a mount for it and mount a prop. should only take a few hours if I go that way. I know it wont be a fast thing, but it shor beats paddling, especialy when your trying to move a raft. Weed eaters are generaly rated in CC not HP, I have no idea how many CC= a HP, But I am guesing me weed eater is between 1/2 and 1 1/2 HP. I know one thing,, weed eaters are HIgh RPM motors, so It should be able to adapt to either prodject.

Where were you repairing on your boat? that hole?? looks like that hole is a self bailer to me..

ow well, guess thats all for now.. Laters.. Its sunnt but cold around here right now, I was waning to take the boat out, but I think Ill wait for a warmer day.

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