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Finally got my boat out on the water

FInaly got some time to take the boat out, and wouldnt you know it, it was windy, and very choppy, borderline whitecaps. Winds wire gusting up to 20MPH.

I pull up to the boat ramp at the unGodly hour of 6 am. 1 boat is in the water, 1 is being launched, and 1 is in front of me waiting. SO,, I get out and prep the boat for launch wile Im waiting, Mount the motor to my Homemade transom extention via 2 C-clamps. Connect up the battery, make sure the plug is in etc.. about this time, I hear the first boat, Poor guy was pulling his arm off trying to start a 20hp nizzan outboard. The Guy launching pulls out, guy in front of me starts to launch, and now I hear the second boat trying to start, a 90 hp susuki cranking over without a sputter. The first 2 boat owners ,, now tied to the dock aparently start trying to give each other advice on how to start there boat. Third boat gets launched, Has a small motor, like a 6 maybe,, couldnt make out what it was, but it was old. Anyway, this boat starts drifting out away fromt the dock all the wile its owner trying to pull it over with no luck..
Finally, My turn to Launch. I back up get in the water and pull away to park my truck. Come back, In the Boat, Take a look at the 3 non functioning boats tied to the dock and wonder if Im the forth. I hit the electric, and my old Johnson fired right up. With a slight grin on my face I wave to the other owners and head out. Good Old Johnson... So here I am barreling accrost the lake in about 1 foot waves that are fairly close together thinking to myself. Well, the bow is sitting a bit high in the air, But Im impressed with the forward velocety, Bout this time it Dies BBBBBRRrrrrrr....fhpt..nothing.. took me close to 5 minutes to relize I had pulled the pin on the saftey switch. ( they are in a bad place on this motor, right at the end of the tiller handle ) Put the pin in and was off again. I didnt catch a thing all day, But I did get to finaly run the motor and answere that infomuse question, Just how fast will that go anyway?>

My Home made transom extention held like Iron, didnt move a milimeter or seem to flex at all and the conditions today were about as bad as I would venture out into unless I had too for some reason. The repair I did on the transom corners also held Like Iron. I think I have to take my carb apart 1 more time thought, It still will not idle, and does not like to run below about 10 %throttle. It almost runs slow enough to troll,, almost... but over 10% throttle, It kicks pretty good. Looks to me like I will either have to add trim tabs to the back or about 150 pounds of ballast in the bow. I might try toeing the shaft in a little more to make it force the bow down a little. I was mounted straight up and down, and when I hit it, I couldnt see where I was going from the bow being up so high hehehehe.. accelorating slowely helped keep the bow a little lower, but it is still unaceptable as it is right now. But I feel better. Ive been out on my boat, and was not let down on the speed thing.

After a several hours we pack it in, get some lunch and drive back by the lake again, SOne of a bitch I thought as I drove by. The wind had died almost completely and the water was now almost ( almost ) glass.. Figures,, Ow well, I still had a good time.

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