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A few more pix

As expected, my old Johnson preformed well this time out. Started well, idled wile tied to the doc without my constant attention wile I parked the truck, and with the addition of a 5 gallon container of water on my bow, She took off and plained at less then half throttle. ( First time this boat ever plained for me ) Its terribly hard to gauge speed on water without a device, However, I think she tops at about 20 MPH.
I didnt really do any fishing this time out, But I did troll down a 1.5 mile section of shore at idle just to confirm to myself that she would run down smooth and Low for extended periods and at a proper speed.
all told, I spent about a hour at WOT. and about 45 minutes at idle trolling, And another 20 minutes or so of variouse throttle positions. When I got back to shore, I had burned just over a half a gallon of gas. Looks like my little 2 galon tank is gonna be replaced by my 6 gallon tank as soon as I can decide where to put it. My 6hp will drive dam near all day on a half gallon of gas.
I also noticed ( acording to the diognostics on my fish finder ) that the battery was holding 13.5 too 14 volts wile under power,( varience due to throttle position naturaly ) So looks like my alternator is operating as well. One other thing I noticed. Wile trolling, the water out the pee hole was lake temperature, but when I was WOT, the water was warm, not hot, but warm. I guess thats normal and a sign that the water is indeed circulating reguardless of the light spray that comes out the hole

I took a few more snaps wile I was out, they can be seen at the link below.

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