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Re: A few more pix

A self bailer is a device that lets water out of the boat without power. Most work on the diafram billows type principal of a 1 way port covered with a gasket letting water onyl travel out. They can work other ways.
As far as the weed eater, Its looking like its gonna be a generater ( sorry but I need a generater ) But, if I were to make the outboard, I would use standart MinKota electric prop. these props have a very slight pitch and should allow the weed eater to get up to full or near full RPM. I dont think the weed eater could turn a standart prop, at least not enough to be practical. Maybe Ill find another weed eater hehehe... There is some sort of clutch and possibly a gear box on this unit, so I am not sure about the 1 ta 1 thing.
as far as the noise you mentioned. You were probably cavitating, But I cant be sure. Scared of the big water huh? well if you dont feel you have enough boat under you by all means stay in safer water. However, dont underestimate your boat, those hard bottomed boats with inflatable bumpers are made for big water. Seen allot of boats like that Associated with the military, and I would say you have enough HP to cover the power base. Yeah I agree.There are allot that can go wrong with Outboards, or anything for that matter. I strongly encourage you to get to know that motor well, pack extra plugs and a few tools . I carry a can of starting fluid with me just in case, Its a terrible thing to do to a 2 cycle, but when stranded someplace, I would use it. ( fortunetly I never had to yet, but I still carry it )However, properly maintained and looked after you shouldnt have too many problems. Both my motors are old so I worry about them a little, but only a little. having the electric on my boat as a backup helps not worry about it too much.
the trailor light thing is probably a ground issue, Trailor lights are finiky sometimes. Could also be a bad bulb.

Its good to hear you are enjoying your boat ;). I have been out in mine several times lately. Oww, I was checking over my motor today, Under the hood looking for preventitive maintence things, chafing wires ect, and when I checked the throttle linkage I noticed something.. I noticed that it wasnt opening the throttle completely when twisted up too full throttle. I bet you I gained about 10% more movement after adjusting. GOing out tommorrow to see the difference. I was thinking the motor wasnt turning max RPM but without a Tack, I could only speculate. And I thought it was fast before hehehe. Cant wait to see it now that its gonna be getting 100% throttle at the carb. Im thinking of putting it in the river tommorrow, miles of mostly calm water and several like side marshes & stuff

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