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Running on water mufflers

Hmm, Well,, Even though I managed to rejuvinate my old johnson, replace the water pump, rebuild/tune the carb by myself. ( with much advice ). I do not concider myself a outboard mechanic ( yet ) However. I still might be able to help you troubleshoot it.

first, some questions..
Are you sure you put the mufflers on corectly? and did you have the hose on full or near full?
Did any water move through your motor? IE. was water comming out of the lower end? Or was it just spraying out from the Muffs?
Was this the first time you ran it on Muffs?

My motor also did not show water at the tatle tale wile I had it on my muffs. it barely shows water wile in the tank. I had to test the flow a few differetn ways before I decided my motor was cooling, just not flowing at the tatle tale. If I am not mistaken, your water return ports should be just above the cavitation plate. Throw it in a bucket and fill it up to level with the cavitation plate, leaving the exit port just above water line. Start your motor and check for return waterflow down there. You might also want to check the tatle tale hole for blockage by sending a small diameter wire up the hole.
If your motor fails to pass water after these little tests. I would then say your impellor has died. I have never taken a suzuki apart, but its still a outboard, I would imagin that changing the water pump is pretty much the same on most motors. And I would certainly encurage you to remove the lower end yourself and replace it.
I was very nervouse about taking my lower end off to do the water pump on my motor, However, after doing it, THere was nothng to it. My fears of the Unknown were in this case, Unreasonable.

If your waterpump is more then 2 years old, or if the motor sat dry for a long time, there is a fairly good chance the impellor has died.

Again, Im not familure with suzuki's. But, 6 bolts should release the lower end, leaving it connected by the shift linkage. a big screw driver should relase that and allow the lower end to come off. 4 more bolts on the water pump housing, and then that should come off. Slap a new impellor on and reverse procedure to get it back together. Put a little grease on the top end of the drive shaft before reasembly. When reasembling, reconecting the shift linkage was the most difficult. I had to put the lower part in reverse, and the upper shift handle in forward in order to reconect. Once it was back in possition, the gears realigned themselves. I also had to spin the flywheel a little in order to get the shaft up in its spot. And it did require a bit of gental force to get it all together.
I hope your problem is simple, But if it isnt,, DOnt frett, just grab a wrench and take your time. A extra set of hands is helpful but not required for reassembly, removal by yourself should be no problem.

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