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Re: a pic of my boat/motor, and my poor mans transom extention.

Nice photos, glad u got the idle problem fixed. I bought a new carb for my craftsman lawnmower, but before it arrived i got a tip and unscrewed this one screw in the carb, reamed it and it started and ran awesome after that. I like that transome you put in, much better than messing with the motor length, this way you have the best of both worlds if you need the motor for a different boat.
Question for you, after a day of using my boat putting around the harbor, I was washing it down then hooked up the clamps on the lower end so that I could flush it out with fresh water. When I started the motor, I expected to see a stream of water come out near the upper unit like it does when it is on the water, none came out. Did the water pump impeller go out on me? Or do these motors have a thermostate that waits for the motor to warm up before pumping? It bothers me and I cant take it out again until I find out for sure. I dont dare work on this motor myself at least at this stage. Some photos below

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