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Ureka!!!!!! it idles !!!!!!..

Short story,, It works now, Idles pretty dam good in my opinion. ;)

Longer story
After Running the motor the other day, I new the carb was still messed up, But had to be pretty close becuse it was running pretty good at above idle speeds. It just wouldnt idle at a low enough speed to concider it idling. So once again, Off comes the carb. The first time I took it apart I was mainly going after the float problem, I cleaned it all quickly, but after finding the float stuck, I mainly freed that and put it back together. after that, It started, and ran with the choke out, but would not idle, and didnt like to run at low speed without the choke. Well, today it came apart again, Got soaked in cleaner, and a small wire sent up al the orifaces. There was 1 teeny tiney port type thing with small rubber hose conecting to another tiney port. It conected to the plastic thingy ( pardon the tecnical terms ) inside the opening in the float. anyway, it was clogged, I reamed it, sprayed it with cleaner and put it all back together. slaped the motor over to my test barrel and fired it up. Once again, it fired right up as I expected it too. However,, This time. It actualy idled. I messed with the low idle setting and the actual idle adjustment a little and it is purring almost ( almost ) like a kitten, and certainly within acceptable parameters. After several minutes of warm up, I put it in gear and let it chug at idle wile turning over the prop and it sounded good. I cant wait to get it back out on the lake for a formal run, But I am now convinced I have cured it of its ails..
All said and told,, this motor cost me almost nothing and I am a very happy camper now. Only had to spend 20 bucks between the plugs and the new impellor. Far cry from the 200 bucks the shop quoted to replace the pump and rebuild the Carb.
I concider myself very mecanical, If I take it apart I can rebuild it, I love making things do what I want as opposed to what they are designed for, But when It comes to tuning carbs and such, I new nothing. With nothing but a service manule ( that wasnt much help ) And several people online, I took a motor that has sat for years, and have it running in a acceptable fashion. Thank you to all who have piped in, especialy "Tailgunner". And to anyone else with problems I say this,, ask online and fix it yourself. I saved 180 bucks. You can too..

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