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Re: Homemade outboard motor using briggs 2hp

Think I posted the first one to the wrong place..btw the bearing are not really desinged to take a sideways force, but they look pretty rugged and might handle a couple hundred pounds without too much trouble
Making the set screw holes might work fine, these are like industrial grade bearings, the spec. sheets on them actually gets into the 1000's of pounds capacity. The reason I got them was because they were the only ones I could find. So I am thinking I will try the holes first rather than deal with a thrust bearing adding to this design. As for the math, I dunno I am just thinking back to high school physics I think. They numbers could be way off and it was kind of odd that it did not account for boat mass. The truth is, I do not have a boat lol. I plan on putting this in a garbage can full of water to test it and if I am lucky maybe I can rent a skiff to try the motor out on or maybe somebody else will test it out for me on thier boat. I figure the boat plus people (up to four) and everthing might be like 700-1000 lbs, pretty heavy for that little motor but then again it doesnt have to push it that fast. (the reason i came up with 5 mph is because that is the harbor speed limit, I want to be able to keep up with traffic so we dont get run over by some huge yacht). Piping the exhaust to the water is a great idea, the motor is going to be louder than your normal outboard. I wonder if piping it to the water would make it quiter. Are exhaust threads on these things pretty standard? I wonder if a threaded copper or plumbing pipe would screw right in where the muffler goes.

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