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Re: Homemade outboard motor using briggs 2hp

Its probably for the best that you got a real stuffing box. I know my idea would work, but I also know it would have eventualy given out after a unknown amount of time.

Gearbox huh?. I would be looking for a old junked out lawn and garden tractor. some of the real old ones have a gearbox you might be able to adapt. Mind you Im talking old. Other then that,forward and a tentitive neutral will be all you get.. I dont think I would bother personaly But,, Using a centrifical clutch, like on most minibikes might be a decent way to achieve the neutral objective. I would think trying to do it with a idler arm might cause the belt to jump its pully, or not be able to provide the grip you need on the belt when it comes time to turn the shaft. It would be a real pain if the belt came off the lower pully out on the water wile trying to idle in neutral.

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