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Re: Homemade outboard motor using briggs 2hp

I like the sound of that throw-out gear, like in a car starter. I will look for that as I am building. lol about about our conversation taking over the first page, we should probably be taking this to emails I guess.
Your previous question on a different post brings a problem to my attention here. (I think I screwed up on the calculation on your other post, will look at again) Plus this guy emailed and said that I was missing a thrust bearing at the lower end, otherwise the shaft will slide thru. The bearings do have set screws in them, if I cranked them down would that be enough to hold the shaft in place. From your last question I was wondering then if an estimate could be made on the shaft force involved. Couple of assumptions, say max speed of this outboard and boat is 5 mph (2.2 m/s) and it requires the full 2hp (1500 watts)to push it a 5mph then from power = work/time or power=(force*distance)/time noting that distance over time is speed then power=force*speed or force=power/speed

f=1500 watts / 2.2 (m/s) = 681 watt seconds/meters = 681 newtons
since 1 newton=.224 lbs
f = 152 lbs
jeez that cant be right
If I have two bearing each with 2 set screws each screw will have to hold 40 lbs thrust or so.....but that 152 lbs seems really high I dunno

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