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Re: Homemade outboard motor using briggs 2hp

Where to get a flexable drive shaft? Seeing as how most weed eaters are concidered disposible once they break, I would say the dump, or maybe even a friends garage. I think ordering a new shaft might be difficult, but not out of the question. I was thinking more along the lines of scrounging one. I have no idea the resorurces available in your area. Garage sale maybe? spring is comming.I know I have at least 1 if not 2 dead trimers in my garage hehe. But I really would look for the biggest available. Note here, Not all trimmers have flexable shafts, some use non flexable straight shafts. A trimmer with a definite curve to the shaft between the motor and the head is a sure sign of the flexi shaft.Hmm, ya know,, On that note. You might not even need the flexable ones. the head of a weed eater on a straight shaft modle is already set up for a 35 ta 40 deg. power transfer and is itself prety much a sealed unit,If one of these heads can turn a 9 inch bush hog blade, it certainly should be able to handle a minKot prop under 2 HP. Mounting the blade might be tricky. However, You would need to rig an additional 45deg. power transfer method to go from the motor to the top end of the weed eater shaft. THe more I think about this, the non fleixng shaft has some attractive perks, like being stronger then the flexing one, Not that I dont think the flexing ones are strong enough, Just looking at the whole picture, and different methods. In the end, You have to sit in it hehehe. When I do something like this, its never fully planned til its finished, and any plan I have is tentitive until actualy implimented.

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