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idle and low speed problems

Knowing very little about how too fine tune or trouble shoot my outboard very well, I pose the following question. I have a 69 6hp Evinrude. It starts fine, and runs great from about 15% throtle too 100%. However, It stals instead of idleing, It vibrates and runs rough in this low 15% throtle area but does not stall, there is 1 spot around 5% throtle that it runs smooth at low rpm however it starts to foul the plug after 10 min or so requireing me to open it up a bit to clean them off. This motor also seams to kick into what would seam like a powerband just over 15% throtle, the engien jumps drasticaly in RMP and noise level, as well as forward speed at that point with just the littlest additional throttle, then runs smooth up too max throtle. I generaly dont troll with it, But it bothers me just a little that I cant if I wanted too. The boat does have a electric on it for troling.
the motor has been like this since I got it last year. the fouling thing seems to have gotten worse as the season progresed, but it never left me anywhere or made me pull the pluggs, throtling up for a bit restored low speed ability again for a little wile. I mix 50-1 high grade gas. The rough running at low speed stayed the same from fresh plugs through the season.
The water discharge is not as heavy as It should be however it is never too hot too touch, not even close. It probabley has nothing to do with the idle but it is something slightly abnormal. I also noticed that throtle postion makes no diference to water flow, its always constant. shouldnt it be more at speed?


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