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Re: idle and low speed problems

As Far as I know, it came from around here.. It is more likely a screw setting like TG suggested then anything else. the person I got it from wasnt exaxtly teh most maintnece minded or careing of the equipment. The boat it came with had a sofwall sized hole in the bottom that he tried to fix with ordinairy car bondo hehe. The props pretty beat too, but to my amazement, even though it is not propery shaped anymore, It does seam to spin balenced. Hmm,, On that Note, I wonder if the prop has something to do with the rough running.. It really looks and feels & sounds like its the engien though, dosent seam to have anything to do with the lower unit or prop. As Far as my boat, Ill post some on it later. My father was a Aircraft design engienere, and I am going to visit him in a few weeks out of state He is also a avid boat owner and very mechanical. After talking with him, I am sure I will change my design some. I have some ideas on what I concider to be the optimal shape verses easiest too build. anyway, Ill get into that next month when I get back.,,, Eventualy,,, when I get back Fishing season will be 9 days old, SO getting my new motor ready and the boat in the water will prob take a good deal of my attention. Boating Feaver strikes

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