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Re: Homemade outboard motor using briggs 2hp

Questions answered first. Thier stuffing box did not have adjustable preasure, they did do something to make it presurized wile forcing it all together, but it wasnt really presurized. And it worked, didnt appear to be leaking, and it was a point in the show to watch the home made stuffing box for failure. My modification allows for a grease fitting too presurize the chamber to some degree,as well as make sure it is well greased. Other steps could be taken I am sure. One other thing Ill point out here, They made the box in 10 minutes, having only 10 hours to build there whole boat out of a junkpile of stuff, and it worked, It worked with a V8 car engien , Turning a prop that looked like it belonged to a Monster boat. You with no time presure, and a little more choice in materiel, and a much smaller engien and prop should have no problem.
You did state you were making a outboard didnt you? Looks to me you got the makeings of a Inboard there. and you might be better off that way. However, operating under the outboard premise.. I will point something out here about working at home with whatever you have on hand for parts,, Bigger is easier, and has more tolerance for imprecision then smaller. you build small and you must be much more precices in your construction, and it will fail more often. Anyway,,
My years of McGyvering, or afro enginering or whatever you wish to call it, Tell me the size of the box you are trying to build out of those fittings is just a test of futalitey. In other words, I dout you will get it to work at that size. Sure a real manufacturer can make one work at that size, But this is you in the back yard with a tool box. ( no offence ment by that, just trying to press home a point ) You need a bigger box. I would sugest once again, gears might be a better way to go. or a flexable drive shaft like is found on many a weed eater. Im not takling about trashing the pully all together, just pointing out a way to keep it away from water. Hmm,, You might really want to look at the flexable drive shaft of a weed eater. A gas one, elctric too, but Gas are generaly bigger. Might save allot of messing around, wont mater of that gets wet. I have several ideas on the matter, But what I want to see is like a sketch of the prodject, positioning of everything on the boat. How much does that brigs weigh? and tell me about the boat a bit
Ow, I almost forgot, A friend of mine, who I concider adept at this sort of creation said use wax, pack the box with nothin but wax. I think I would concider the wax accceptable,but somehow I feel the rope windings important. I would use rope and greese. but I figured I would toss in his idea tooo.

So what do you think about all that hehehe
If your interested in discusing this more first person. I hang out on Dalnet, sometimes Undernet as the user Ken-Ohki

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