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Re: Homemade outboard motor using briggs 2hp

Well, I have never personaly done this. However as a avid fan of junk Yard Wars on TLC, I saw something I feel would work, Mind you this has been modifiyed a bit too the way I would do it without actualy buying the stuff you need too do it profesionaly, Like a real watertight bearing box. However..

What they did was took a box ( wooden, pvc or metal would prob work just the same ) ran the shaft through it then used like a cloth rope, looked like maybe 1/4 inch clothesline, and they coated it with very heavey grease, then wraped it in the opisite direction of the shafts rotation, ( explained it wouldnt tend to tighten and bind that way ) however, with all the grease involved, I think it might work just as well or better wound with the way the shaft turns.,) anyway, they wraped several layers,until they could fit no more wraps in the box, (wraping tight as possible ) then filled the rest of the box with heavy grease, rags and bits of rope. then sealed the top of the box. this actualy seamed to work very well and wasnt leaking water. were I too make this, I would add a few things, Cup seals on the shaft inside the box on each end to help prevent grease from slipping out or water in. I would also add a grease fitting, So I could pump grease under presure into it to make sure it was right packed as well as add more if needed later,, Presure is key here, forcing the rope against the box walls as much as possible to make a seal. I might also concider making the box dual chambered , instead of just one chamber.theres was about 6"x6"x12"

Hope this is a complete enough discription, If you want a picture of the idea, I could make you one. I love messing with stuff like this.

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