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I've found one bottle here of '98 labelled Rosemont Estates Cabernet. It was good. It was demolished, I must say, with some astonishing enthusism by the neighbors (You can be sure I helped!) at a backyard steak-and-stuff party that just sorta happened a couple of weeks ago Saturday when the weather was good and all the kids wanted fed. (First they ate hotdogs, then the adults gravitated in, we raided several freezers including ours, and then the adults ate. The kids lost out on this one :-)

But the Rosemont Estates Cabernet (Aussie wine, btw), was very very good.

I don't remember if it was a Shiraz blend, I found it at the store in the "try this one" listings (we have a really good store out here for that), and tried it.

Now to see if they have a case hanging out.

And also to find an excuse to do in that, um, 7? Calem Porto hidden in the back of the closet under a blanket. (GRIN)

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