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SAMe (SAM-e) or Sammy

Others charge $20 for a 20 count of 200 mg. caplets. Our SAMe is 1/2 the price when you take into account our 60 count per bottle for only $30!

SAMe, SAM-e, stands for S-Adenosylmethionine and there are claims it may help with fibromyalgia, depression, aging, arthritis, anxiety, osteoarthritis, liver disorders, and stress. This is a synthetic form of a natural metabolite of the amino acid methionine. Our SAMe is a more potent supplement and is in the prefered butanedisulfonate form. Scientific literature indicates SAM-e may have several benefits. On the cellular level, SAMe can maintain mitochondrial function, and may prevent DNA mutations. Cell receptors are better able to bind hormones and other factors. SAMe has been studied extensively in Europe and is a prescription drug in many countries.

Note: we include the additional supplements (B12, Folate, B6, Circumin) because studies indicate this will likely increase the effectiveness of the SAMe

Newsweek article excerpt:

"Once a SAMe molecule loses its methyl group, it breaks down to form homocysteine. Homocysteine is extremely toxic if it builds up within cells. But with the help of several B vitamins (B6, B12 and folic acid), our bodies convert homocysteine into glutathione, a valuable antioxidant, or "remethylate" it back into methionine."

Click here for sam-e supplement pages at

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