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Re: The Next Hurdle in the old 15Hp Johnson saga

Will add some information since i have given 3 of the old 15 Johnson/
Evinrudes to the junk yard because of the water pump. The clincher is
to change the impeller or do much of anything to it you have to lower
the lower unit and that means lower the drive shaft and that means the
shaft must slip out of the base of the power head. The upper endof
the drive shaft is a splined fitting into the base of the power head
and unfortunately they rust and no amount of pulling, banging, or
liquid wrench will make it turn loose. I could not find a dealer or
repair shop that had a solution. That pin you mentioned is made onto
the drive shaft and should not have been free. It sounds like the
previous owner worked on the water pump and saw the light.
If you did drop the shaft down and got the top of the pump off
then you are home free but if you didn't drop the drive shaft then
the pump is probably not working. Put the ear muffs and water to
the water intake on the lower unit and start the engine and if the
water pump is working it will push the water out through the propeller
hub with some force but not a lot.
Good luck and if you find a sollution to getting that shaft out
i would like to know it. The stream from the telltale hole should
spurt out at least two inch or so.

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