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Re: homemade outboard

Hmm,, well as I am sure you have discovered,, A removable access pannle with fiberglass like that aint gonna work, The only way you gonna get back into that once sealed is with a hammer ;p The biggest drawback to using the ABS or even PVC. However,, You are where you are and must move forward from there.. If you want to know where your leaks are, just fill it with water outside of the barrel, and watch for where the water runs. I am betting on near the stuffing box myself. I would have tried to talk you out of the cast Idea were I around. If you were insistant on a accessable access panle, I probably would have tried to direct you to what can only be called, a "Rubber ace bandage" and a few hose clamps. ( car sized tube) the only other place water should come in is your beering mount bolts or the more oviouse access pan..From what I saw in the pictures, the bearing bolt did not look like it had enough, if any silicone around it .One other thing comes to mind,, I really dont like the plastic cap the stuffing box comes through, I think you would be better off cutting a round plywood plug for that and sealing that in place. My concern is the plastic hole will become oblong through use, and will most definitly leak.

remember, I build for keeps, My repairs are often the new strongest part of whatever the unit is

Using 2 nuts and a lock washer will work. I wish I could convince you to do it right and drill that puppy, But I wont keep after you about it ;p 2 nuts will work. My real problem with the hole thing really isnt prop spin off, although that is a real danger, my problem is that you are using friction preshure to "grip" and "rotate" the prop. Every single aoutboard I ever saw, did not rely on the grip of the nut to rotate the prop. That is something they use in making house fans. I am sure it will work as is, for awile.. The force pressing against the prop holding it in place is a constant. the forces trying to make the prop spin on the shaft are constant, every varying and sometimes increadably strong and will eventualy make the prop spin on the shaft in time unles you use some form of shear pin behind it. Ok,, I wontmention it again unles you ask hehe,

I am very sure it is much quieter with the exshaust piped underwater. Night and day even hehe.. Too bad you live way over there, Im looking at a 14 foot aluminume boat, with trailor and 4 hp motor for 500 bucks in our local buy it sell it swap it ragazine. Also having a few batteries for your drill I guess is suficient back up.. Might concider removing the pull start housing and rigging it so you could rap a rope around it old fashioned style if you had too. It isnt ENtirely unreasonable that the drill itself might fail, or be droped overboard. I supose a lanyard on it could prevent loss overboard.. Anyway.. a friend just called, we are going to take the motercycles for a ride,, Ill catch you later

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