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homemade outboard

Think I might have a running prototype here, its not pretty or perfect but the prop spins in the water so what the heck. Using the grinder then a file on the spinning shaft worked great, i was worried about how to turn trim down that shaft and I was relieved that that method you suggested worked. Threading was no problem expect that I had to put the bit in the vice grip instead of using the turning mechanism that i bought because the bit did not fit inside. After I made the threads, i decided the cut the shaft length down about 8", so I reground and re-threaded it. I found that putting the prop on the shaft and using a nut in front to tighten it provided enough friction for the prop to turn withought having to drill thru the shaft and use a cotter pin or similar. You probably noticed the larva-like thing in the photos-that was a fiberglass cover that I made for the lower end. I sealed it up with caulk as well as any other holes I could find. When I dipped the lower end in water, it flooded eventually. I could not find an obvious leak anywhere so I gave up on that and just enclosed the whole lower end in garbage bags and duct tape, did the trick although not the look I wanted. Finally did the garbage can test today, I was really happy to see that the motor was able to turn the prop without stalling out. It did start while the prop was underwater, but only if I use a fresh battery for the drill. I first ran it at full throttle and it emptied the garbage can in like 3 seconds. I filled the can back up and ran it at the lowest throttle I could get without the motor stalling and watched it churn the water for about 15 minutes. It was great, I am so glad this thing held together. The belt got wet from splashing water but it did not seem to slip, it just threw the water straight up and to the side. I am going to leave it sitting in water overnight to see if it leaks, especially at the stuffing box. I also looked at a boat today, a 14" alum with a 9.9 hp outboard for $1200. It looked ok for this application but I thought it was a bit pricey. I will keep looking, hopefully find just a boat w/o motor but with ores(spelling?). I think the question now is if this thing will stand up to a several hour endurance test and if it will fit on the boat. The distance between the c-clamps and the lower end pipe upper surface is 15.5"-at least visually it looks like its going to be tight. Update photos below as well as a movie that came out kind of dark.

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