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Build the Arch Davis Jiffy 22...Flat Bottom or V-Bottom?

Chuck writes:
Thanks for the email and encouragement. I'm still leaning towards the Jiffy 22, but I am exploring other options as well while I await the Jiffy 22 study plans.

He has two models the Jiffy 22 (flat bottom) and Jiffy V22 (vee bottom). I'm an explorer like you and I think the flat bottom will suit me fine, especially when beaching on rocky shores. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Yes, Chuck I have a flat bottom small Pacific City Dory that I have modified by adding two wide 10" by 2+" ‘skis’ or sponsons to the bottom. The skiff gets on a plane at low speed, 7mph or so, and really skims along the water at full throttle. I really like to cruise around 16 to 18mph and the skiff does this well even into a chop. However, as much as I like the attributes of a flat bottom skiff: Easier build, able to get right up to the shore & exit off the boat, easier to retrieve onto a trailer--a soft ride it aint...!

If I were to build a larger flat bottom skiff, I would look at the 20' Oyster Dory that John Gardner drew in '84. I would re-engineer the building to use the Tape Seam/Stich & Glue epoxy method, adding interior bottom stringers (like the Tolman skiffs), eliminate most of the frames (using semi-bulkheads where needed to establish shape and stiffness), add a full length stiffening spray rail to the outside panels. AND, add a bow bottom appliqué—per Bolger’s work. This addition would give a V-section shape to the bow where it is needed most -- coming off a wave in a following sea and slogging at planning speed into a chop…

I really like the windshield and overhead with side windows Davis has incorporated into his Jiffy 22 skiffs. I would build something similar onto Gardner’s 20’ Oyster Dory along with the forward cuddy as shown in the skiff article on the SBF Adventures page.

So Chuck, what other designs would you consider building?

Thom V

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