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Re: The Next Hurdle in the old 15Hp Johnson saga

Well, I took the lower end of the 15 again, checked the impellor and it was fine, the pin has not sliped. wile I had it open I blew air through the pipe comming off the waterpump, throught the tattletale and through the return up inside the housing. Air flowed unrestricted, I attached a secondairy waterpump, and sent water through the system again at the waterpump feed.. Water is definitly circulating through the motor, but almost none is making the tatletale, I think it has something to do with the extention that was installed. In any event. I am now satisfied that the motor is being cooled, reguardless of the lack of water at the tatletale.
Tommorrow I plan on doing a little fiberglassing. I have a crack in each corner of the transom where it dips down. So I dremeled the cracks in order to stop them, tommorrow morning I will fiberglass the corners, and apply a layer of fiberglass both inside and outside to reinforce the motor mount area of the transom. Tommorrow afternoon I just might have to go for a ride in it. Depends on when I get up if Ill have enough time to let it cure.

The carberator still isnt functioning 100%, but it is running good enough that I want to take it out for a test run. ( saftey note, my 40 pound thrust electric, and my 6.5 gas will also be accompaning me on this test run.

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