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New ignition wiring

Hi, I have a classic old 14' Glasspar with a 40hp Evinrude that dates back to 1967. It is a rebuild projuect for me and I have had to replace the ignition switch, which has me quite confused. There are 4 posts on the back of the ignition switch, labled ac, bat, ign,and one unlabled (ground???). There are many , many wires down there, of all colors, to hook to these four posts. I have an rpm gauge, an overheat gauge, wires from the battery, wires from the transmission(the old 3 button, throttle thing)and wires in from the engine compartent. I know this is a silly question without getting you a picture, but if anybody out there has a clue as to what to hook where, I would grateful and thankful, and inclined to send beer!!!. Any suggestions, ???
Newbie to the boat rebuild world.
dewiman :)

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