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Re: New ignition wiring

Dewiman, Your problem is not simple but, It is not complex as you might think. Here goes. The bat terminal is just that. hook your main battery lead here. ac post gets the lights, and gauges and electric shift, alarms etc. The spare post is probably hot also. Hookup batt and check spare post with a test light. If there is current there with switch on, hook the tachometer here and nothing else. running other equipment with the tach will draw current and cause false rpm readings. The post marked ign is just that. Ignition, the wires from the ignition system go here. This is so when you have the switch on there is dedicated current path to the coil packs to creat a constant ignition on, so the engine will fire and run. Try to sort the wires and hook them up as per this note and everything should be OK. Goodluck, TG.

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