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Re: Decent quality inflatable raft recommendations?

I just bought the 2004 model of the Seahawk 400 Sport. It is now called Seahawk II.
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have any fittings for the motor mount on either of the ends. It only has a grab handle at each end. Would the commercially available motor mounts attach to the grab handle?

Also, from what you've mentioned,I gather that the seats in the earlier model have clips. The new model does not have clips. The seats are of the 'push in' type, and keep sliding about when sat on. This makes rowing next to impossible.
I am planning to make a wooden plank seat, myself. I found some planks in the local Home Depot, but was afraid of punctures from the wood splinters. But I guess that problem could be solved by wrapping the plank with a rubber sheet. I was wondering how to attach the plank to the raft in such a way as to make the plank immovable. I wonder if drilling holes in the plank and tying it to the holes through which the grab line goes, would solve this.
Any help with these problems would be appreciated. Also if you have any pictures of how the motor mounts are attached to the raft, I would appreciate it if you'd mail them to me/send me a link.

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