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Re: Decent quality inflatable raft recommendations?

Yeah, I've seen that one, however, I don't know if it has motor mounts or not. My raft has rubber holders attached to the stern, the motor mount, from Intex, hooks into these, and has extended arms on-top that hook into the holes in the oar-locks. I believe you have swivel oarlocks, which are not the same as mine. The bad news is that the motor mount will not fit your boat!

You may be able to glue some sort of davit/ring setup to your boat on which a support could be attached...

Perhaps you can try to get some info from Intex themselves, or find some other third party, which is going to be a task. It seems there's not much info about this model of boat, or mine for that matter! Lots of people selling them, just no helpful info, user comments, and or experiences/opinions. Maybe, someone should start a forum for this boat...

I'll do some more research, and post back here if I find something :-)

Regarding the seats, my seats are pretty much useless to me, as I mentioned in my previous post, the rowing seat keeps popping from the clips whenever I sit on it, works for the kids though. If you visit the SeaEagle(.com) site you will see in the options/seats, that they have a simple bench seat that attaches to the grabline, via holes drilled in the seat. I am going to try to replicate the same, I'll post back here with info when I'm done.

Let me know if you find anything, or post back here!

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