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Re: Bluewater 25 now Tradewind Atoll...?


Yes I discovered all this while looking for Hayden Knibbs back in the mid 90's.

Someone in Stuckton told me that he had sold the Bluewater 25 design to Tradewind yachts and may have gone to work for them, so I rang Tradewind and asked for his whereabouts. They coud give no information regards his location, but during the discussion the person admitted that the Atoll was in fact the Bluewater 25 and the design had been bought from Hayden. Subsequently John Rock, the resident designer and the creater of the earlier Tradewinds, altered the design by the simple expedient of adding 5" to the freeboard by enlarging the topmost strake. This was achieved while leaving the rest of the design basically untouched right down to its multichine hull. I believe they also increased the balast but I would have to check my design plans to be sure.

Tradewind have subsequently taken the design and stretched it to 32ft but maintained the identical look in the new Tradewind Islander. Only one of these has been built that I know of and it is a really lovely looking boat. This vessel is to be seen at http://tradewindyachts.co.uk/tradewind_islander.htm. Unfortunately the Tradewind website is not well constructed and if you come in through the"front door" the 25' Atol is the only boat you will see mentioned. If you use the link above (and below) it will take you directly to the Islander page which is not otherwise mentioned or linked to. Strange really and a lesson for all you webmasters out there.
ciao Scott T

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