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Re: Bluewater 25, More Info...?

I just stumbled upon this site through one of my 6 monthly searches for the Bluewater 25 on Google and this is the first hit I have had since I started looking in the early 1990's. I thought I was the only one who had heard of this boat.

I called up Hayden Knibbs immediately after reading the Classic Boat article and asked to buy a set of plans for the Bluewater 25. He agreed and we met at Gatwick airport in December 1990 on my next periodic trip through the UK. And there, for the princely sum of £90 I acquired a set of 4 very nice working drawings.

Unfortunately I did not have the time to take Hayden up on his offer of a trial sail. This is very unfortunate as in 10 years of studying the plans there are a few items that I would like to have seen in the flesh. I did try and contact Hayden at the Fordingbridge address about 5-6 years ago but he had moved on an remains untraceable. If he reads this I would like him to get in touch with me as I am still going through the UK on a regular basis.

Anyway back to the boat. After producing only a few examples of the type Hayden apparently sold the rights to the design to Trade Wind Yachts. Their designer, John Rock, modified the hull by adding 5" to the topsides for extra headroom apparently (all 5" on the top strake by the look of it). Trade Wind Yachts now market her as the fibreglass Trade Wind 25 Atol. To see this incarnation go to the Trade Wind website at http://www.maritime.co.uk/tradewind/tw25.htm

There can't have been too much wrong with the original design as the interior layout and deck arrangement is virtually the same as Hayden's but they have changed the rig from a yawl to a cutter and reduced the bowsprit. Unfortnately the new rig looks very pedestrian. It doesn't look anywhere near as striking as the original althugh the yawl is probably my least favourite rig. I would like to see her fitted with a rig designed by Paul Gartside who designs absolute masterpieces in a similar style.

Although I have not yet built the boat I still have the plans on my wall at home together with a well thumbed Classic boat article, a set of study plans and a couple of letters from Hayden outlining costs of various stages of completion and, I believe, a materials list. In the interveaning years I have had to survive with the use of a TopHat25 sloop and currently own a 23' Norwalk Island Sharpie. The good news is that construction of the Bluewater 25 has recently been advanced to the front burner awaiting the departure of my 16 year old from the family home to free up the capital to enable me to start.

I hope this has provided you with enough to think about and when I finish the boat I will be sure and post some photo's here.
regards, Scott

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