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1998 Johnson 4 HP outboard

Posted on July 11, 2005 at 22:25:17
I have a 1998 Johnson 4 HP outboard that I just got back from the shop. The reason I broght it in was because I had accidently used very dirty bad gas to run it one day and it needed to be cleaned out. Once I got it home it started fine and idled fine, but now it seems to have 1/2 the power that it used to. Anyone have any ideas of why this could be? Also, I am assuming that this motor used 50-1 oil ratio it this correct? The reason I as is because I had a 35 hp suzuki (great motor btw) that used 100-1 ratio. Could the oil gas ratio be causing the problem? Thx for your help I love this site.


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Re: 1998 Johnson 4 HP outboard, posted on June 27, 2006 at 11:45:52

Your probably running on one cylinder. While running, pull one plug wire. If the motor changes RPM's , then that cylinder is OK. Put wire back on the plug. Remove other plug wire, watch for drop in RPM's.
The wire, when removed, that does not produce a drop in RPM's points to a dead cylinder. The dead cylinder can be the result of a fouled plug, bad plug wire, faulty power pack, bad compression etc.


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