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scratch repair myths..

Posted on May 29, 2009 at 19:29:07

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Can a scratch be repaired succesfully?
I haven't talked to anyone that thinks it can be done but see advertisments for scratch repair?
Is there a way? And if so,what might it be?
Body shops I have talked with say they would have to paint the whole door.
I would imagine in the world full of inovations there must be some trick that the experts use.Does anyone have the knowledge on this subject as it will really help.


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RE: scratch repair myths.., posted on October 25, 2010 at 19:46:45

It really, really depends on the scratch. Some are user-fixable; any competent auto supply store will have touch-up paint in your factory color; if not you will certainly be able to get it from the dealer.

There is such a thing as scratches that need a repaint, but I wouldn't trust the word of a single body shop on that one. Have someone who knows backyard auto repair well have a look at it. You could just ask a guy who has a nice vintage or custom car about it, when your vehicle is around for him to check out.

If you do see a nice car at a mall, or whatever, don't park right beside him. One stall away and he's your buddy.


RE: scratch repair myths.., posted on April 14, 2012 at 08:08:15

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Depends how deeps the scratch is?
If its shallow you can sometimes buff it out or use some scratch-x type remover, in effect what you are doing is removing the area around the scratch down to the level of the scratch, therefore in time you will wear through the finish.

I have repaired a scratch on my car that was down to the metal, inflicted by my trash collector with the trash can.
I do have a lot of tools as I'm a re-finisher. I used an aerosol and sprayed over the scratch with what must have been twenty or so coats (don't mask or you will have the biggest problem buffing the lines/edges level) spraying a fresh coat every three minute or so, then I let it dry for a few hours in the sun.
Started by using 1500 grit wet sandpaper on a random orbit air sander mounted to a 1/2" foam softpad, sanded very gently for about thirty minutes, stopping and checking regularly until I was just starting to break through the "sprayed on" paint, then I went even slower until I removed all but the paint that was (lower) inside the scratch, now all the area where I had sanded on my car was dull/flat looking which was my clearcoat now matte finish-ed.
Then on to the 3000 grit sandpaper which is so fine that it polishes it to a flattish shine, then through three different stages of buffing paste on a foam pad.
The final paste is so fine the clearcoat jumps out at you with a brilliant shine. The scratch is completely gone, filled and at the same level as everything else.
Six inch scratch ook me about thirty minutes with the sanding buffing part, luckily the trash guys didn't dent the panel at all.
The one caveat is that If you are too aggressive or manage to go through your clearcoat however slightly, then you are screwed.
Although I guess you could spray some clear on and just buff the edges to blend in, but it would have to be automotive paint this time.


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