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Posted on October 11, 2007 at 22:56:08
Anyone see or hear about the new C-30 from Volvo? I've been following this car since last year or so until it was released this month in the US. I think its a pretty cool looking car, the back end is similair to the 1800 hatchback coupe Volvo used to make. While we're on the subject, I think that Volvo needs to do way more advertising. They don't do enough of it. I used to have a Volvo and miss because it was so safe. I regretfully have a 2007 Cobalt (less safe). Sure it has better gas mileage but without ABS or Traction Control and the side impact airbags it makes me sad. I won't be keeping this car for very long. I'm sorry but American cars need to step it up, even the lowest range of Volvo has side impact air bags and ABS and all that standard.


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RE: VOLVO, posted on November 30, 2007 at 19:22:53

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Out the door, the Volvo will cost at least twice as much as the Cobalt. Even if you bought the optional ABS and traction control for the Cobalt. The maintenance costs of a Volvo will be at least 4 times the Cobalt's just for parts.

The C30 is a very nice car. But Volvo is not known for low cost of ownership. However, if you do maintain it well (read spend a lot of money on it), it should last a very long time.


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