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Alain Castex - eatin' your lunch

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I'm not sure what lunch has to do with all this.

Castex makes the best Collioure and Banyuls I have tasted since he took over the Domaine Le Casot Des Mailloles. None of this comes to America, some goes to Belgium and Switzerland. It is an estate in Biodynamie where everything is unfined and unfiltered. They are no longer making Banyuls as they consider it a wine for the tourist trade and find that Collioure is a better expression of their terroir. Otherwise, I find that Traginer (which my firm buys and sells) is making great strides and is making wine as good or better than ParcÚ. Of course, this is a relatively new estate, with the son taking over. I feel the work in the vineyards is first-rate and now the cellar-work has to be improved. I suspect this will happen.

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