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Yes, the Rosemont is very nice and an exceptional value. Australia is deliverying great values lately. The country has an increasing amount of great wine makers, has learned to grow grapes (far from always as great as some french wine regions) and some wineries there seem to be comitted to make "very nice" wines (many use french oak that is just right for the variety, replace their oak when needed, etc).

You want another example of a "great value" of Australian wines?? Try Wolf Blass 1998 Shiraz (69%) Cabarnet Sauvignon (31%) - Red Label. Wolf Blass does a wonderful job also on their 100% varietals (look for their yellow labels for a step up too).

Australia may be the next frontier when it comes to hearty reds (Cabs, etc) now that Chile is no longer offering the super bargains, at least not as frequently as yester-year.

Sure, by shopping and tasting, you will great values in powerful reads like the above, from a number of places. Argentina, Spain and Italy offer some exceptional values for the money too. Discovering them is half the fun.

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