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7.5hp Gamefisher Impeller

Posted by Ondi on July 2, 2006 at 15:24:29:

I was given a 7.5hp gamefisher outboard. Not sure what year. I noticed it wasn't pumping out water so I assumed the impeller was shot. I took off the lower unit and found that the impeller was indeed shot. I replaced it, but now am having trouble getting the drive shaft back into the engine. I can get the shaft and the water line put up into the motor almost all of the way, accept for about 1/2 inch. When I put the screw back in for the shifter and spin the prop, I hear something moving up in the motor, but it still won't go all the way up. I looked to see if there is any certain notches at the top of the drive shaft to see if there is a certain way you have to put it in, but all of the notches seem the same. Anyone have any idea what to do? Is there a trick that I need to do to get this thing to go all the way up? Thanks.