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Re: Gamefisher 9.9

Posted by DM50 on June 14, 2006 at 20:28:37:

If it ran correctly before you changed the plugs, perhaps you gapped them incorrectly or used wrong type spark plugs. If you don't know if it ran correctly before you replaced the plugs it could be many things such as dirty gas filter, pinched fuel line, closed gas tank breather screw, improper gas/oil mixture, gas/oil mixture issue (stale/contaminated), worn breaker points and/or condenser (under flywheel on my motor), a carburetor problem (if your engine uses a carb, there's a screw for rich/lean adjustment, or carb might be dirty or just plain broken), coil issue or worn plug wires. Eliminate the easy suspect items first. I'm not a boat motor expert, but these are some ideas.