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Re: Wow!

Posted by satyr on May 10, 1999 at 06:10:17:

There seem to a quorum of wine guzzling, audio obsessive academics. God help us - how can we find time to teach, give tutorials, oversee theses and projects?
PS Do your grades go up or down after the third glass of wine? I've had to stop marking before I start putting the truth down eg "Not bad for a student with little brain power and ability" & "this student barely achieved a fail - but as he cannot pay attention for more than five minutes to anything more taxing than "The Simpsons" this is hardly surprising" & " if we ever succeed in modelling intelligence X has proved in this module (AI) a need to be in receipt ...". This is when an hour or so of Coltrane is needed (and a few more glasses).
PPS Try Nottage Hill, Oxford Landing most penfold Ozzie wines.