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1982 Buick Century

Posted by Bromo33333 on December 1, 2012 at 07:24:50:

My father bought it new, but I drove it sometimes. Bought extended warranty - one fo the few times you are money ahead when you do. I think nearly everything got replaced over the 5 years we had it - my father got rid of it and ended up with a Ford Taurus which was an unremarkable car, but it ran reliably.

My card was a Ford Country Squire station wagon with a giant V-8 in it - could pass anything on the road except a gas station. If I drove *carefully* (they call that "hypermiling" these days) I could coax about 15-16mpg. If I didn't it would be 8-10. When my father borrowed my car, he'd drive it like it was possessed and got 7-8 and would leave it on fumes so I had to fill it up with the money I made mowing lawns!