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RE: Factory radio swap

Posted by Johnny2Bad on October 25, 2010 at 19:38:09:

Not familiar with that particular model radio and it's theftlock system, but broadly speaking there is a set of inputs you make to factory car radios that reset the alarm code. Once done it's back to the factory default, which should be in your owner's manual or available from the dealer. Often the radios in wrecking yards are still on the factory default, so your first step should be entering that code and seeing what happens.

Without any Delco/S-10 specific info, that should point you in the right direction ... don't be afraid to talk to the dealer service department. They aren't going to be paranoid about an S-10 owner asking questions. At worst they will insist on resetting it for you.

Just keep in mind that replaceable parts are, by definition, ALWAYS replaceable.