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Not going to happen in a truck cab, but...

Posted by Cory M. on June 4, 2006 at 18:36:53:

I can recommend Soundstream amps as being very clear and robust sounding. A/D/S also makes some good ones. I have an old 2 channel that I've moved to sub duty in my Bronco, and it controls those woofers with a clean, tight kick. For speakers, I like M-A audio and Boston, some Infinity. Head units- I used to be an Alpine guy, but have recently heard smoother sound from the Pioneers. It's really hard to judge sound quality of auto decks as they'd really perform on the shop's "wall of recievers." Make sure the unit has a eq or at least a midrange control- helps to contour the sound for minimum fatigue and to better cope with bad vehicle acoustics. In a '56 Chevy, assuming it's not a show- resto type, I'd probably get some 6 1/2" coaxials with sviveling tweeters (coaxial instead of component style for better coherency,) mount them in the lower door with some dynamat and aim the tweeters up. Then get a sealed truck- type woofer enclosure, stuff it with fiberglass insulation, put some 8"s in it and place it behind the seat. Feed it good power, then level match it with the mains. That should get some good clear tunes going. You can always move up.

Cheers, Cory