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In '74 I had the first one in town . . . . it was a great car . . .

Posted by mr grits on April 8, 2006 at 06:57:28:

For the first three years. Then the seat covers disintegrated. About the fourth year I started having a rash of overheating and had three thermostats replaced in a year. Crazy. The engine even froze up one day and 12 hours later it was running like a top. Took it out to destroy it in anger by shifting at 8 to 8500 rpms and it begged for more! I think Fiat makes/made a really tough engine and tranny as I didn't manage to destroy them. On the other hand, everything else when to shit by the end of the fourth year. Traded for a Rabbit . . . but that's another story altogether.

Ex nihilo, nihil fit . . .