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New Millenium US Muscle Car

Posted by livingthedream on December 30, 2005 at 08:53:03:

You may enjoy the look of the new mustang as I do, but if you want the best factory produced hot rod, with USA horsepower, move on over to the cadillac CTS-V. Not much on the street today can take it and certainly anything that can costs MUCH more than it does.

If your a boomer.... grow up and get a CTS-V .... and enjoy the mustangs from the rear view mirror.

turn the key and smile
www.cadillacforums.com go to CTS-V

2005 CTS-V, Platinum, LS6 400hp 395 ft/lb torque factory, B&B 3" exhaust, Lingenfelter cool air intake, UUC shifter, StealthV power tune, Goodyear GSD-3's.